Sadhesati Calculations & Remedies

Sadhesati Calculations & Remedies

Saturn – Places in Rashi during transit which has an influence on the Moon rashi, -1, +1. Therefore, total duration is seven and half years. (2 ½, 2 ½, 2 ½,). Saturn means difficulties and struggle & has   influence on Moon (Heart). It basically gives mind upset and problems in general in case person behaviour is not as per DO and DONT DO’S of life (Law of Land, Law of Nature, Law of Honesty, Law of Justice to working Class, Drinks and Non-Vegetarian). As Saturn is slowest planet among all but give fastest results in Sadhesati (within 24 hours). So normally during Saturn period, people have sufferings in life but Saturn can make oneself KING in Sadhesati if person follow DO and DONT DO’S of life, depends on placement & its strength in D1 aong with Navamsha. This means a big downfall but in rare cases upward results for very few people as these days people don’t follow DOS and DONT DO’S of life.

Three periods of Sadhesati

I)  Part 1 1st 2 ½ years are difficult as difficulty starts,  so feeling is more also it give health problems during this period it  less than 2nd part.

II) Part 2 starts after 2 ½ years. This is really hard time as it passes over MOON placement of D1, so most difficult because direct influence on moon/mother/heart.

III)  Less difficult as Saturn ages and passing away.

Sadhesati comes once every 30 years.

Therefore, a person who lives for 90 years will have 3 Sadhesati

I) During childhood – Education – Not so difficult.

II)  During Adulthood – Career and Enjoyment – most difficult.

III) Old age – Most deteriorating on Health as Saturn himself is old.


Pooja of Mars (Hanuman ji ) as Saturn never harms people who worship hanumanji.

Follows DO and DONT DO’S of life avoid harassment to poor give something to eat to labour class especially to labours working in construction work.

More will written on this after few days

Till than enjoy Sadhesati

in case of any difficluty from Sadhasati please

contact or call 9988196602


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