Yogakaraka planets are those planets which own a kendra (angle) and  a trikona (trine) in a particular nativity.  These yogakarakas are first rate functional benefics and, when strong, produce excellent results by their close association/aspects with any particular planet/house.The following planets become yogakarakas for the ascendant (lagnas) mentioned against each :-PLANET             ASCENDANTMARS                 CANCER  & LEOVENUS               CAPRICORN & AQUARIUSSATURN            TAURUS & LIBRASIGNIFICATORS


 In addition to ruling houses containing their signs, the planets also act as significators for various houses.  The various planets act as significators for the houses indicated against each :-

SUN 1st, 9th &10th houses
MOON 4th house
MARS 3rd &10th houses
MERCURY 6th & 10th houses
JUPITER 2nd, 5th, 9th & 11th houses
VENUS 4th, 7th & 12th houses
SATURN Ayushkaraka (longevity) i.e. for the 8th house.

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