Manglic Dosha

Definition of Manglic Dosha

When Mars planet is positioned in 1st, 4th, 7th, 8th or 12th house of D1 chart i.e. Natal Chart of any person than it is said to be Manglic Dosha in the horoscope of that person. We can say that Mars effects in these houses is inimical for marriage, provided one among couple is having this Manglic Dosha & other partner is not having Manglic Dosha. But if both are having Manglic Dosha in their respective natal chart than it is said to be good mars affects the 4th, 7th & 8th house from the house in which it is placed. This is also known as “Manglic Dosha

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Planets Mantra’s

SUN: – Om hram hreem hraum se suryaye namah

Moon: – Om Shraam Shreem shraum se chanderaye namah

Mars: – Om kraam kreem kraum se bhomaye namah

Mercury: – Om braam breem braum se budhaya namah

Jupiter: – Om graam greem graum se gurve namah

Venus Om dhraam dhreem dhraum se shukraye namah

Saturn:-Om praam preem proum se shanaye namah

Rahu: – Om bhraan bhreem bhrum se rahuve namah

Ketu: – Om sraam sreen sraum ketue namah


Very much help full wealth & health

Suitable for Cancer/Karka Langan & Scorpio/Vrishika Lagans

The North Indian style chart

Let us take a look at your actual horoscope kundali (chart):     Right now you are looking at your Jyotish chart formatted in the North Indian chart style. As you see, there are 12 individual sections in the horoscope. These sections are the bhavas (houses), and each house is fully occupied by one of the signs. The signs are marked within the bhavas (houses) with numerals.  The numbering system used for marking the signs reflects the natural order of the signs (i.e. 1 – for Aries, 2 – for Taurus, 3 – for Gemini, 4 – for Cancer and so on).

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The Nakshatras

Just  like  the  Rashis,  the  Nakshatras  also  break  up  the  zodiac  into  equally  spaced  segments.  There  are  27 Nakshatras, each taking up 13’20”. The Nakshatras are also called Lunar mansions, as the Nakshatra position of the Moon is an important use of Nakshatras. Each Nakshatra has a symbol, various attributes, and a planetary ruler.      In order to clarify the use of Nakshatras, we will first explain the major differences between the use of Rashis and Nakshtras.    Continue reading

Yoga & planets for profits from government

Sun the most important planet in astrology it represents soul, self respects & status in life. Beside it also responsible (karka) for profits from government in the form of Direct Government jobs, University/college/school teaching job, Contracts base work/job in Government added institutions, jobs in Public Sector or government added units. Setting up of industrial units with government’s assistance in form of loans/subsidiary and even leaders like local government representative /MLA/MP/PM/President are all driven by main planet SUN and other helping plants are Mars, Mercury & Jupiter. Continue reading

Sadhesati Calculations & Remedies

Sadhesati Calculations & Remedies

Saturn – Places in Rashi during transit which has an influence on the Moon rashi, -1, +1. Therefore, total duration is seven and half years. (2 ½, 2 ½, 2 ½,). Saturn means difficulties and struggle & has   influence on Moon (Heart). Continue reading